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We are a Sussex based company covering both East and West Sussex, Surrey & Kent carrying out a huge spectrum of work, from minor repairs, to full drywall fit outs.

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Walls and ceilings are specialists in all types of plaster from heritage plasters using lime and horse hair onto lathes to more modern gypsum based plasters.

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Dry Lining

Is the covering or cladding of walls and ceilings with plasterboard to provide a solid flat surface which also provides acoustic, thermal and fire properties .one of the benefits of plasterboard is the speed of insulation.

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Tape & Jointing

Is an alternative to modern plaster. Professionally installed it can provide a seamless snag free finish with the benefit of using less materials than plaster and a much faster turnaround time.

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MF Ceilings

Metal framed ceilings was a game changer when it was introduced , the speed and accuracy of using an MF system far out performs its timber equivalent. In existing buildings MF can be used to provide additional acoustic or thermal and fire ratings. In new builds a dropped ceiling allows for mechanical and electrical services to run through the voids.

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Metal Stud Partitioning

Similar to the MF ceiling system metal stud is extremely fast to install without the worry of twisted timber, there are systems to provide for every situation wether it be a temporary partition to a fully fire rated shaft wall and everything in between.

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Dot & Dab

Is the alternative to tacking whereby usually instead of mechanical fixings plasterboard is fixed by using adhesive dabs, this system provides a quick installation and the boards are placed and levelled to masonry backgrounds, this is also used as an alternative to float and set plaster for a speedier install and less materials required.

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Is the type of installation of plasterboard that requires fixings, the term tacking came from when boards were nailed to walls and ceilings, we have came a long way from that now with collated screw guns being used to provide a rapid install.

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Minor & Major Repairs

This is where we began all those years ago and we haven’t forgotten that, we can carry out small domestic repairs too, from small holes to new ceilings from water damage. We understand the importance of the smaller jobs and enjoy meeting new customers.

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Sound Proofing

Walls and ceilings are able to provide acoustic solutions to virtually any situation, by using a combination of different products we can help you to have your own piece and quiet in your own home.

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Walls and ceilings provide all types of screeds to the very highest standards, from the floor preparation, insulation to the finished floor we can take care of all your floor screeding requirements.

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Walls and ceilings offer a complete rendering package from traditional to modern renders, we take care of everything required ensuring all protection around floors and windows /doors. We can even arrange for height access including scaffolding.

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Walls and ceilings can provide a full professional decorating service to complete our internal package.

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About Us

Experienced in the industry for over 20 years.

Walls and Ceilings Sussex Ltd have been in the dry lining industry for over 20 years providing high quality installations in and around Sussex for some of the biggest house builders.

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Our Happy Customers

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Having worked with the Team at Walls & Ceilings on numerous schemes over the past 4 or 5 years I have always found them to be extremely diligent, helpful and professional in their approach to the works at hand.  Their flexibility and proactive attitude to any situation sets them apart from their competitors and has assisted us in some of the most logistically challenging of schemes.  Whether working on residential developments or Commercial projects for Local Authorities, the NHS or the National Trust, their aptitude and “can do” ethos always ensures that they are one of the first names on the Procurement Schedule and on this basis I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any existing or potential Client.